Developing equity through voting

Voter Registration In High Schools

Increasing the number of young voters voting in elections means ensuring they are registered to vote before turning 18 yrs old. Currently our youth leaders are pushing forth legislation to ensure districts allow all high school students the opportunity to register to vote.

Our Goals

  • To increase youth voters in the Inland Region
  • Ayla Lopez

    Ayla Lopez

    Youth Organizer


    Monica Galvez

    Monica Galvez

    Youth Organizer

    Coachella Valley

    Rocio Ruiz-Chen

    Rocio Ruiz-Chen

    Youth Organizer

    San Bernardino

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    Outvote will allow you to privatly upload your phone contacts to their service allowing for you to join in actions, text scripts with instructions out to those in your contacts who would like to volunteer, you can also share social media post or submit testimony for various issues.

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