Giving ordinary people the tools to become compelling leaders.

Our Mission

Inland Congregations United for Change is a faith-based 501(c) (3) non-profit community organization serving San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.  ICUC empowers people of faith to transform and revitalize the Inland Empire by working in the civic arena for the common good. 

The mission of ICUC is to assist communities of faith who desire to initiate or deepen social ministry within their congregation. Professional community organizers train congregation members in the principles of faith-based civic engagement and coach leaders through self-selected, relevant and practical community organization efforts. Through these efforts, individual participants develop public leadership skills and become catalysts of positive change within their congregations, neighborhoods and cities.

Our Values


Families are the reason we exists and the driving force behind our organizing. In a world where family, whether biological or chosen, is seldom treated as a priority, ICUC becomes a voice for them.


Within all our traditions, there is commitment to justice. We seek equitable and just opportunities for those most in need. ICUC is a way of putting this belief into action.


The strength of a community comes from embracing diversity. The wealth of different backgrounds and experiences leads us in creative new directions. We are intentionally building an organization that is diverse in our ethnic, denominational, and economic backgrounds.


We have a commitment to the belief that decision-making should be by and for the people. We believe in taking responsibility and participating in community life. Our members listen to concerns in their communities and then research, discuss, and plan how issues can be resolved.

Who we are