Using faith as an instrument to sing sweet justice in our communities

We organize 

people power


We help the faithful organize their congregations through prophetic action.


We understand that parents are a driving force in our community. As agents with the largest direct influence over our youth, parents have a central right to be crucial deciding factors in the education offered in our schools. Parent leaders work to improve the quality of services and opportunities offered to families in our school districts. By engaging in this advocacy, parent leaders ensure that students receive the treatment they deserve within their schools.


Youth are experts on their environments both school and community. They have first-hand experience in facing systemic oppression and view it from a perspective that is often neglected in decision making. For the past 15 years young people throughout San Bernardino and Riverside counties have been working collectively to shift the narrative that youth voice is powerful.


Criminal Justice Reform

We are leading the conversations on reforming the criminal justice system that has a tendency to disproportionately target people of color, immigrants and trans communities.
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Working with a coalition to change the narrative of what public safety looks like in our communities.

SB Common Ground for Peace

Clergy and faith leaders advocating for the end of gun violence and educating city leadership on best practices.

Bring the H.E.A.T

Bring The H.E.A.T. is an initiative focused on transforming the public safety system into one we can all trust.

Time Done

Time Done campaign aims to raise awareness around the legal barriers that people living with convictions face.

Economic Justice

More pathways to living wage jobs and community involvement in development that will affect generations to come.
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Community Benefits Agreements (CBA)

Supporting healthy economic development in our region

Census 2020

Ensuring our most vulnerable families count in the 2020 Census through important outreach.

Career Pathways

Working with school districts to advocate and educate our communities around career pathways for people of color.

COVID-19 Response

Ensuring families have access to resources and support in a COVID & post COVID era.

Education Justice

Students and parents working to improve our public education for families in our region.
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Mental Wellness Centers

Ensuring access to mental health resources on all school campuses.

High School Voter Registration

Working on legislation to ensure districts allow all high school students the opportunity to register to vote.

Youth Organizing

Youth throughout the Inland Region have been working collectively to shift the narrative that youth voice is powerful.

Air Quality Awareness

Asking districts to upgrade the filtration systems in the schools while bringing awareness to how climate change is having a clear impact on air quality.

Parent Organizing

Parent leaders work to improve the quality of services and opportunities offered to families in our school districts.

Housing Justice

Working to inform tenants about their rights around evictions, while exploring alternate housing options.
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Alternative Housing

Exploring alternative housing options for all. When we can create shelter for the houseless in our communities they can refocus their energy on their health and finding employment.

Tenant Rights

The fight for equitable housing includes adequate knowledge of tenants rights, and support in the form of Tenants Unions or Associations.

Immigrant Justice

Immigrant communities are largely impacted by racist and xenophobic policies. In a culture where immigrant folks are given secondary treatment and where scare tactics are used against them, we believe it is our duty to counteract this narrative of fear and hate.
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Know Your Rights!

Hosting workshops to educate immigrant communities about their legal rights, including how to navigate the education system and employment.

Voter Engagement

We are creating a culture where ordinary people take the power of the voting process into their own hands and systematically use it to shift the culture in which we live.
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Schools & Communities First (SCF)

Bringing more resources to our schools and public services through voter education and advocacy.

Power the Vote

Ensuring our community is registered to vote, has access to vote and is educated on their choices before taking part in our democracy.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

We actively engage our communities explaining the importance of voting in local, state and national elections.

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Outvote will allow you to privatly upload your phone contacts to their service allowing for you to join in actions, text scripts with instructions out to those in your contacts who would like to volunteer, you can also share social media post or submit testimony for various issues.

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