Using faith as an instrument to sing sweet justice in our communities

We organize 

people power


We help the faithful organize their congregations through prophetic action.


We understand that parents are a driving force in our community. As agents with the largest direct influence over our youth, parents have a central right to be crucial deciding factors in the education offered in our schools. Parent leaders work to improve the quality of services and opportunities offered to families in our school districts. By engaging in this advocacy, parent leaders ensure that students receive the treatment they deserve within their schools.



Youth are experts on their environments both school and community. They have first-hand experience in facing systemic oppression and view it from a perspective that is often neglected in decision making. For the past 15 years young people throughout San Bernardino and Riverside counties have been working collectively to shift the narrative that youth voice is not powerful.


Civic Engagement

Schools & Communities First (SCF)

Bringing more resources to our schools and public services through voter education and advocacy.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

We actively engage our communities explaining the importance of voting in local, state and national elections.

Census 2020

Ensuring our most vulnerable families count in the 2020 Census through important outreach.

Econonmic Justice

Community Benefits Agreement

Working to bring a community benefits agreement to project Eastgate at the San Bernardino Airport.

Career Pathways

Working with school districts to educate our communities around career pathways for people of color.

Housing Justice

Working to inform tenants about their rights around evictions, while exploring alternate housing options.

Racial Justice


Working with a coalition to change the narrative of what public safety looks like in our communities.

SB Common Ground for Peace

Clergy and faith leaders advocating for the end of gun violence and educating city leadership on best practices.

Immigrant Justice

Hosting workshops to educate immigrant communities about their rights, including education and work.