Transforming the narrative of public safety in our region

Rethink Public Safety SB is an initiative to promote responsible, restorative, and redemptive approaches to justice reform in schools and communities throughout the Inland Valley Region.


  • Sharing your voice and stories of restoration and redemption
  • Making your voice heard with policy-makers
  • Becoming an informed and engaged voter


  • Prevent the unfair targeting of innocent Black and Latino residents through the gang database
  • Divert people charged with relatively minor crimes, like young people, into education, job development or gang intervention programs in lieu of juvenile camps
  • Keep undocumented immigrant families together by following the law and exercising discretion more fairly.
  • Sentence mentally ill and drug addicted persons to rehabilitation and prevention programs
  • Ensure equal protection and fair treatment of all residents under the law regardless of race, sexual orientation, and gender
  • Prioritize resources for schools and education over prison and incarceration

Meet Your DA

Holding your DA accountable starts with getting to know them and making sure they know how the community feels about important criminal justice issues.

The Hey, Meet Your DA Campaign asserts that elected district attorneys in California have the power to end mass incarceration and tackle racial disparities in the criminal justice system. California’s 58 elected district attorneys (DAs) are responsible for making decisions that affect the lives of millions of people, their families, and entire communities. As elected officials, they are tasked with representing the interests of the people in the criminal justice system. It is up to us to hold them accountable, which means getting to know them. The power we have, as voters and members of diverse communities, starts with just saying, “Hey.”

For more information and to get involved, visit MeetYourDA.org.

Our Goals

  • Transforming the criminal justice system in our region
Ben Reynoso

Ben Reynoso

Economic Organizer

San Bernardino ben@icucpico.com

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Our Partners

Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement, ACLU of Southern California, Color of Change, Inland Congregations United for Change, League if Women Voters – San Bernardino, NAACP San Bernardino Chapter, National Association for Equal Justice in America, IDEAL, RHEMA, REBOUND Inland Empire, Catalina’s List, Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches, Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, Options House, SEIU, BLU Educational Foundation.

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