Parents are a
Driving Force in
Our Community

Advocacy, Action, Support

We understand that parents are a driving force in our community. As agents with the largest direct influence over our youth, parents have a central right to be crucial deciding factors in the education offered in our schools. Parent leaders work to improve the quality of services and opportunities offered to families in our school districts. By engaging in this advocacy, parent leaders ensure that students receive the treatment they deserve within their schools.

Parents United for Change

The Parents United for Change parent engagement program teaches parents to support their children and their schools through a series of training and hands-on activities designed to reinforce training and engage parents in collective action to support successful schools. Parents play an indispensable part in both supporting their children’s success and in improving their schools. The Parents United for Change program trains parents to advocate for their child and for their school, laying the groundwork for hopeful solutions for students and schools that struggle to succeed in difficult circumstances. Parent participants in the program achieve positive results for their children and support their schools to better support underserved students.

Our Goals

  • Train one thousand parents on how to understand educational barriers and opportunities and how to advocate for their students’ education.
  • Teach parents community organizing, creating a collective voice of families in the public square.
  • Creating positive relationships among parents, educators, administration and elected officials.
  • Developing a key cohort of one hundred parents that help guide listening campaigns and plan strategies for solutions.
Sergio Luna

Sergio Luna

Lead Organizer

San Bernardino

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