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The Fight for Equitable Housing

The fight for equitable housing includes adequate knowledge of tenants rights, and support in the form of Tenants Unions or Associations. To be able to protect tenants in our community from being displaced and taken advantage of by predatory landlords, negligent slumlords, or intimidating corporations. By collectively building the knowledge and networks of tenants with shared experiences and providing support in Housing Policy and Tenants Rights education, as well as local housing programs, we can work towards elevating the standard of living for everyone in our community and keeping our housing providers accountable to hold up this standard in their own self interest.

Our Goals

  • End houselessness in San Bernardino
Christian Flores

Christian Flores

Housing Organizer

San Bernardino christian@icucpico.com

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Our Partners

ACLU Southern California, COPE, Time for Change Foundation, TODEC, Pueblos Unidos

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