Students deserve equitable access to mental health!

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We want to hear from students to get a better understanding of how well your school district is addressing your mental health needs. Fill out these region-specific surveys so we can help bring mental health resources to your school campus and district.

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Mental Wellness Centers

ICUC’s youth and parent leaders are committed to helping school districts in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Coachella Valley improve and establish much-need mental health resources to support students navigate existing social and economic disparities and the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Goals

  • Receive clear commitments from school district leaders about resources and strategies to provide mental health resources to students and families. 
  • Receive clear commitments from school districts like Coachella Valley Unified and San Bernardino City Unified on the establishment and opening of wellness centers. 
  • Influence decision makers and other stakeholders to pursue local, state and federal funding to support mental health programs and wellness centers.

THE FACTS: Students desperately need mental health support

  • Depression and anxiety among youth increased 25% during the pandemic, while suicide is now the second highest leading cause of death for ages 15 to 24 (Center for Disease Control, 2021)



  • LGBTQ and low income students of color were more likely than their white peers to have feelings of suicide or depression, while also being less likely to receive services and support (MHSOAC, 2021).

The Importance of Mental Health Wellness Centers

Creating wellness centers and programs inside schools or taking more intentional approaches to addressing student mental health is a PROVEN approach that is already making a direct impact across California, and it can help youth in Riverside, San Bernardino, and the Coachella Valley too!




  • Sacramento County hired several licensed clinicians, family therapists, and social workers to provide support to existing providers inside school sites.


  • In San Bernardino City, Sierra High School’s wellness center program is nationally recognized and already helping bring positive results to that community.
Rocio Ruiz-Chen

Rocio Ruiz-Chen

Youth Organizer

San Bernardino
Erika Ruiz

Erika Ruiz

LGBTQ Youth Organizer

San Bernardino

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