Developing equity through voting

Fighting Voter Apathy

If we want to improve the world from the injustices, the only way to do that is by voting. We actively engage our communities explaining the importance of voting in local, state and national elections. Ensuring our community is registered to vote, has access to vote and is educated on their choices before taking part in our democracy.

Access to Voting

Access to physical location to vote on Election Day is critical to fighting voter apathy as not all voters have transportation to voting centers.

Get Out the Vote

We educate voters on their options for local, state, and national elections when it comes to ballot measures and propositions. We also hold non-partisan candidate forums to help bridge the gap between citizens and those who choose to represent them.

Voter Registration In High Schools

Increasing the number of young voters voting in elections means ensuring they are registered to vote before turning 18 yrs old.

Our Goals

  • To Increase voter participation throughout the Inland Region
  • To increase youth voters in the Inland Region
Miguel Rivera

Miguel Rivera

Youth Civics Lead

San Bernardino miguel@icucpico.com
Ayla Lopez

Ayla Lopez

Youth Organizer

San Bernardino ayla@icucpico.com

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Outvote will allow you to privatly upload your phone contacts to their service allowing for you to join in actions, text scripts with instructions out to those in your contacts who would like to volunteer, you can also share social media post or submit testimony for various issues.

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