Advocating for an end to gun violence in our community

Clergy and faith leaders advocating for the end of gun violence

Violence is a serious, long-standing problem in San Bernardino. ICUC clergy and other leaders have been working on the issue of violence for over 15 years, recently through the SB Common Ground for Peace leaders have been able to make progress on lowering gun violence through a community driven public safety program commonly called Ceasefire in other cities but named Violence Intervention Program (VIP) in San Bernardino. They have advocated for this through Prayer walks, public comments, and town halls. 

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) that has been advocated for by SB Common Ground for Peace organizers is a solution that changes the optics of San Bernardino’s policing from one of oppression to one of community and belonging. 

Through tested strategies programs like VIP have been effective in stopping gun violence in communities like Stockton which saw up to a 42% drop in gun homicides. Providing resources (housing, employment, job training, mental health services, life coaches etc.) for those on the path to violence you create an alternative possibility. One of hope, dignity and belonging to a larger community. VIP professionals go into the sites and talk to the victims or perpetrators to build a strong relationship and deflect them from the path of revenge.

Prayer Walks

Monthly Prayer Walks are organized to bring awareness to gun violence in the city of San Bernardino. A multi faith event in which we march, pray and advocate for peace. 

Our Goals

  • To lower gun violence and gun homicides in the city of San Bernardino
  • To build a safer San Bernardino, with a stronger local economy
Pastor Kelvin Ward

Pastor Kelvin Ward



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