Ensuring families count in the 2020 Census

Families Pledged to Complete the Census

How We Make A Difference

Working region wide to ensure families count in our congregations, schools and neighborhoods ICUC volunteers were able to confirm over 10,000 pledges to complete the 2020 Census. Due to the Covid crisis the deadline to complete the census has been extended meaning our work is not over. If you would like to volunteer with us to ensure more of our communities count in this year’s census please contact Miguel Rivera.

The Inland Region Needs to Count

The Inland Empire is a vibrant community filled with innovative ideas, diverse communities, and abundant opportunity. San Bernardino and Riverside counties are home to over 4 million people, nearly a million of which are immigrants and two-thirds of which are people of color. The City of Riverside is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and San Bernardino county is the largest in size in the nation. The community knows this because we live here, and the nation will soon come to know it because of the census. Join us and make the IE count by participating in the 2020 Census!

Why is Census Important?

1. Census determines the distribution of $675 million dollars to our communities from the federal government.

2. These funds are used for schools, roads, hospitals, public works, data that may result in the creation of more jobs and/or housing.

3. It is against the law for our personal information to be used for anything other than generating statistics to be used to address our communities needs and representatives.

Our Goals

  • To ensure all families are counted in the 2020 Census
Miguel Rivera

Miguel Rivera

Youth Civics Lead

San Bernardino miguel@icucpico.com

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Outvote will allow you to privatly upload your phone contacts to their service allowing for you to join in actions, text scripts with instructions out to those in your contacts who would like to volunteer, you can also share social media post or submit testimony for various issues.

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