On February 5, two of the candidates running for Riverside County District 1 seat participated in our forum. All 4 candidates where invited to participate. Richard Roth was not able to attend due to a mandatory vote in Sacramento and Debbie Walsh was out ill. Candidates Gracie Torres and Jose Medina who attended the forum were asked questions from community members who had concerns regarding issues such as would they be in favor of holding law enforcement responsible by creating
a civilian overview board, adding additional community centers and parks, affordable housing and creating better paying jobs. The candidates expressed their ideas and were given an opportunity to address the audience which consisted of over 30 local residents.

Both candidates where extremely appreciative of the opportunity that
was given to them by this forum and felt that activities like these are important to the community. Jonathan Lopez, Community Organizer for Riverside echoes those thoughts. “These forums are important because the community gets the opportunity to hear directly from the candidate, where they stand on issue that are important to them.” said Lopez.

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